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How To Lob The Goalkeeper in FIFA 16 Coins at Coininfifa

Le 10 November 2015, 06:26 dans Humeurs 0

There are many ways to hit the net on fifa 16 coins . You can use your attackers, or make the opposite keeper failed. You should have seen many methods to attacking, so we are going to give you the tutorial on how to lob the goalkeepers with chip shots. It is extremely effective.

The first thing you need to get into is the controls and they are very easy to remember. You simply hold down LB on Xbox or L1 on PlayStation and then press the shoot button which is cricle/B and then look out for the power gauge to go up.

For your shoot power, there is a weird glitch in the game where two bars to two and a half seems to be sufficient enough to beat the opposition keepers. It is absolutely crucial that the goalkeeper is a little to a lot off of his line as the chip cannot be performed without this happening.

You have to remember there's certain scenarios that have to take place in order to be able to pull this type of lobbed effort at goal off.

For the aim, you will want to direct your chip to the opposite corner of the goal that your striker or player facing and always aim for the corner that's furthest away from you. If you aim it at the nearest corner then the keeper will save it so that's something to take into consideration when trying these shots out.

You don't always have to chip the goalie from distance either, you can actually chip him from inside his own penalty area if you follow the exact same instructions. That's all you need to know about how to score chips shots and if you have any question regarding this tutorial, don't hesitate to comment.

Next time when you playing a match, try our chip shot. Pratice makes instant fifa 16 coins perfect. So don't waite to master the skill and use it effectively, you can have your winning chances raised.


FIFA 16 How To Lob The Goalkeeper

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Runescape Master Guild Suggestion Help You Making More OSRS Deadman Mode Gold

Le 10 November 2015, 06:25 dans Humeurs 0

Well, we are back to bring the good game content suggestions RS Gold to you. Here we have the great quest called Master Guild, much like the Max Guild. The player who suggests this is 120 Attack. Lets see carefully below and later we have the Christmas event suggestion.

It will have a bank, and various NPCs as well as Skilling or Boss Portals. This Master Guild can only be entered if one has mastered a skill and achieved a level of 120 in the skill.The 120 cape will have a teleport option muck like the Max Cape. The Guild will also have an unlimited bonfire, and portals accessibility to certain things such as skilling areas or bosses.

The Master Guild should be placed outside of Prifddinas, due to skillers being unable to access due to the combat requirements of Plague's End, perhaps Menaphos? The minimum requirement of course is to have a skill at 120.

Skillers go through all the trouble to max all skills, and are awarded with No Max cape, no Max Guild. It is a different way to play the game, but it really isn't all that different if you just take out combat. This gives skillers an opportunity to feel ike a Maxed player and get proper rewards.

What else are those 120 Capes good for? Fashionscape? Accolades? This gives going for a 120 more worthwhile. It's a long and painful road, especially for slow skills, this makes it worth so much more.

What harm can come of this? None, on the contrary it give many runescape players a great deal of satisfaction to finally enter a new area after months and months of hard work to achieve level 120 in a skill.

The quest may benefit skiller, pures, and even regular players who have achieved level 120 in a skill. It is a long and painfull road for a 120. Why not give more than just a cape and an accolade?

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What does “Deadman Mode” look like?

Everyone can make a Deadman account in OSRS, obeying the following rules:

1. Everywhere is PVP, meaning, there are no safe zones, not even bank.

2. Attacking higher or lower combat levels is removed. You can attack everyone. So, you can do everything that you want, but at ANY moment someone can attack you.

3. If you die, your killer receives a Bank-KEY. With this key they have access to your whole bank. So after they killed you, they can also raid your bank. Completing the whole quest, the winner will have a chance to gain all oldschool rs gold and items from losers. It sounds brutal, but appealing. If it is certain to release, everyone may spare no efforts to win, and will the price of rs 2007 gold rise? Who knows?!

4. If you die, all your stats will be reset to level 1. And your combat level will be to 3 of course.

Main questions about Deadman Mode

1. Separate or bound to main accounts

The top issue bothering all players is whether the Deadman account is bound to main account. Definitely no one is willing to pay double membership for a Deadman account. And everyone knows clearly that a separate account for Deadman Mode may scare off majority of players though it is ridiculous fun. But there is still no reply from the officials.

2. Spawns will be randomized or not

Ideally, spawns will be randomized all around the game world to prevent spawn trapping, or people would die or reset.

3. Quest rewards

It would be fine to add something to the quest restricted items than just letting them be freely acquired from the opponents. That means, players need to gain a unique staff to claim an items.

4. Will GE be available in Deadman Mode?

It may make most players happy to enable GE in the Deadman Mode. But once it comes true, have you prepared enough Old School Runescape gold for further use?

It’s no doubt that Deadman Mode would be not only a good place to earn osrs gold, but also a money-consuming place, much like gambling. Will you be in? For the release of such an adventure, RSorder should be your best support to offer you the cheapest runescape 07 gold online.

The price of gold today:

700 K (Dark Runescape) = $ 2.95 Buy 1000K Darkscape Gold + Free 50K

3 M (Runescape 07) = $ 4.17

20 M (Runescape 3) = $ 5.72

70K Deadman Mode = $ 2.95

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Great Tips about FIFA 16 Penalty Scoring to Gain More time to gain fifa 16 ios coins

Le 2 November 2015, 09:32 dans Humeurs 0

Yes, we are tending to get a penalty kick on fifa coins . Most of us do like this, and we have posted so many penalty kick tutorials for you guys. This is your goal to reach when you are rolling the ball on the FIFA 16 pitch. So this is the tutorial of scoring more goals from penalty.


The majority of you must have noticed how frequently the referees are giving out spot kicks this year in FIFA 16, so it is important to be a master at taking them. One spot that you might know about is the top middle of the goal which is by far the most overpowered spot to aim for.

You will be aiming just below the crossbar but as for how long you move the left-stick up it literally is for under a second.As for power, you want to look at the power gauge going up very carefully and look to put in around 2 and a hald to 3 bars of power but no more as the player will put the ball into the stands if anymore power is generated. That's even if you get it on the green.

However, that is a must for this much power which is what beats the goalkeepers you must get the indicator onto the green in the first place, the yellow and certainly not the red are just simply not good enough.

The keepers tend to save the penalties this year if you pick a side either left or right, so that's why it's best to go for this type of spot kick.

The good thing about the top center penalty is that even if the keeper stays in the middle of the goal, it still goes in the back of the net. The only possible way to save these OP pens are if they goalie stays in the middle and holds up on the right-stick. But this is very rare that you will see this occur in the match.

One issue that has been sorted is the relisting of Transfer List items not retaining previous price settings.

instant fifa 16 coins FUT update:

EA Sports Football Club shared squads not showing players in FIFA menus.

Relisting Transfer List items not retaining previous price settings.

Error message when attempting to apply a contract consumable.

Away crowd wearing incorrect kit.

Some returning users experiencing an issue when naming their club.

Controller disconnecting in FUT modes

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